Circuit Rules

All Circuit tournaments will be single elimination bracketed format.

You will be allowed to register more than one stone per circuit. This will allow you to use different animals throughout the season and fine tune what works and what doesn't with the training. It also gives you the option to allow other avatars to use one of your registered animals to compete, should they have been unable to register one of their own.

Once registration is closed, your registered animals will be automatically birthed and sent to your circuit portals. You can then remove them from the portal and begin training them for battles.

Circuit chimeras are limited to a maximum stat total of whatever the circuit they are in is. If your in circuit one and the max registered stat total was 50, and it has been 10 days, your chimera cannot exceed 70 total stat poiunts. This is designed to eliminate over boosting with elixirs. Also, any competing animal is not allowed to use Vitality Elixirs to boost their health. Any animals that exceed the maximum stat total for their circuit, or have used a health booster, are not going to be allowed to compete.

Chimera with any stat enhancing accessories will also not be allowed to compete in circuit fights.

Circuit Races are now going to start happening. There are no official rules set for them.
The format for these races will be a constantly evolving thing
and will be mostly determined by regions running races.
The only regulation as of now is that the races will use the same registration systems as the tournaments following the 4 circuit format every season.