Chimera Elements

Primal Elements

Elemental Impulse: Luminous Absolution

Focusing light energy, the chimera heals some of its wounds.

Strong Against: Blood
Weak Against: Gravity
Opposite Element: Shadow

Elemental Impulse: Dark Reaper

Focusing shadow energy, the chimera drains its opponents health, healing itself in the process.

Strong Against: Gravity
Weak Against: Fire
Opposite Element: Light

Elemental Impulse: Forbidden Flame

Focusing of fire energy, the chimera launches a large fireball at the oponent.

Strong Against: Wind
Weak Against: Water
Opposite Element: Ice

Elemental Impulse: Cloudsplitter

Focusing lightning energy, the chimera unleashes a bolt of lightning to damage their opponent.

Strong Against: Wood
Weak Against: Stone
Opposite Element: Water

Liquid Elements

Elemental Impulse: Vitality Mist

Focusing water energy, the chimera heals some of its injuries.

Strong Against: Fire
Weak Against: Poison
Opposite Element: Lightning

Elemental Impulse: Tornado Rush

Focusing wind energy, the chimera experiences a boost in speed.

Strong Against: Sound
Weak Against: Metal
Opposite Element: Stone

Elemental Impulse: Blood Sacrifice

Focusing blood energy, the chimera regains health over time.

Strong Against: Shadow
Weak Against: Void
Opposite Element: Poison

Elemental Impulse: Piercing Venom

Focusing poison energy, the chimera's opponent loses health over time.

Strong Against: Light
Weak Against: Ice
Opposite Element: Blood

Solid Elements

Elemental Impulse: Granite Quake

Focusing stone energy, the chimera lowers its opponents speed.

Strong Against: Lightning
Weak Against: Sound
Opposite Element: Wind

Elemental Impulse: Quicksilver Strike

Focusing metal energy, the chimera drains some health from its opponent to heal its wounds.

Strong Against: Stone
Weak Against: Magnetism
Opposite Element: wood

Elemental Impulse: Shattering Frost

Focusing ice energy, the chimera paralyzes its opponet.

Strong Against: Water
Weak Against: Blood
Opposite Element: Fire

Elemental Impulse: Shredding Thorns

Focusing wood energy, the opponent chimera experiences a loss of speed.

Strong Against: Poison
Weak Against: Lightning
Opposite Element: Metal

Energy Elements

Elemental Impulse: Sonic Scream

Focusing sound energy, the chimera unleashes a sound so horrible, it confuses its opponent.

Strong Against: Ice
Weak Against: Wind
Opposite Element: Void

Elemental Impulse: Crushing Abyss

Focusing gravity energy, the chimera paralyzes its opponent.

Strong Against: Void
Weak Against: Shadow
Opposite Element: Magnetism

Elemental Impulse: Ion Impulse

Focusing magnetic energy, the chimera experiences a boost in speed.

Strong Against: Metal
Weak Against: Wood
Opposite Element: Gravity

Elemental Impulse: Quintessence

Focusing void energy, the chimera uses the emptiness to blind its opponent.

Strong Against: Magnetism
Weak Against: Light
Opposite Element: Sound