History of the Obsidian Circle

 Long ago there existed people with a mastery over the elemental forces of nature. The Obsidian Order commanded energy and matter through a mystical science known today as Alchemy. They created many wonderous things, massive structures that defied physical law, and animals that defied the natural order of life. The Order left behind many things for us to discover, but no clues as to what happened to them. For a civilazation to have gained the powers of the gods and then vanish with no trace is not only mysterious, but alarming. No one knows for certain where the Order ended, or how, but we do know now that their secrets can be ressurrected.

 The discovery of Alchemy in the ruins of the ancient order has opened up a world of new possibility. Alchemy, a science of deconstructing matter to its most base components and then reconstructing it into something completely different, has given us the power to create amazing beings known as Chimeras.

 Chimeras have become commonplace amongst the budding alchemists of the newly formed Obsidian Circle. We thirst for more knowledge and have erected a massive library to collect and cultivate our understanding of this forgotten science. Someday we may too posess the godly powers our forebearers posessed, pray we do not also share in their puzzling fate.